Wednesday, December 31, 2014

KISS with a bit of luck

I have a habit of digging up old code around the new year, taking a look at it and posting it on github. Part of me thinks that I'm doing a bad favour to myself and anyone else that hits that code and decides to uses it. On the other hand looking at your old code is a nice way to see if one have improved in any way over the years. I do stamp warnings all over the place when I do that, so I hope the collateral damage isn't that large.

This year I dug up an old Perl script I wrote with a friend of mine almost 9 years ago. This is just an estimation based on the file system timestamps on the server. The oldest files I found were dated back to February / May 2006. That's the deployment time - it was probably written a while back before that.

Usually I don't blog when I do that but this time the code is interesting to me in ways that I'll unfold later on.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dart one year later : AngularDart one week later

Looking at my commit history I realized that a week has past since I started evaluating angular dart for This is also the day that I decided we won't go forward with angular or polymer for that matter for the foreseeable future.

The good, the bad & the ugly is the subject of this post. If you want to get an insight to why we are backing out read on - we will also probably stick to dart itself.
changeset:   0:394d16883231
user:        Adam Wolk <>
date:        Wed Nov 12 14:59:34 2014 +0100
summary:     Initial commit

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fixing pub build on debian

After a long break I'm giving dart a second try this time with the newly released angular dart 1.0 in mind. It didn't took long to hit a problem when trying to integrate the code with the automated deployment jobs we run at

Google does provide sdk packages for debian though out of the box when you try pub build with an angular app you will probably hit the following problem:
Error loading transformer: Illegal argument(s): sdkDirectory must be provided.