Wednesday, December 31, 2014

KISS with a bit of luck

I have a habit of digging up old code around the new year, taking a look at it and posting it on github. Part of me thinks that I'm doing a bad favour to myself and anyone else that hits that code and decides to uses it. On the other hand looking at your old code is a nice way to see if one have improved in any way over the years. I do stamp warnings all over the place when I do that, so I hope the collateral damage isn't that large.

This year I dug up an old Perl script I wrote with a friend of mine almost 9 years ago. This is just an estimation based on the file system timestamps on the server. The oldest files I found were dated back to February / May 2006. That's the deployment time - it was probably written a while back before that.

Usually I don't blog when I do that but this time the code is interesting to me in ways that I'll unfold later on.