Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Blog moved

Hi folks,

This is the last entry on the blogger platform. The site is now officially moved
to http://blog.tintagel.pl

Latest post: http://blog.tintagel.pl/2015/10/06/vendor-lock-in-is-our-least-problem.html

Please update your RSS feed readers ;)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cost of Privacy

EDIT: Blog moved to https://blog.tintagel.pl/

No time to read the whole thing? TL;DR around 250 USD per year and growing rapidly excluding the cost of personal time spent on maintaining my own services.

More frequent readers of my blog will notice that I didn't write a single blog post in quite a while. The main reason is that I planned to move off from blogger to my personal server - I also had a lot of stuff to do at work so there's always that. Those readers also know that I host my own mail server and an OwnCloud instance. So what is this blog post really about? Summing up how much it costs to get off the Google band wagon and how it went for me & my wife for the past year.